Information on Historic Registration

Historic vehicles manufactured 30 or more years ago are eligible for conditional registration if the operator belongs to an Roads and Maritime Services recognised historic vehicle club, and the vehicle has not been altered except for certain safety features or period accessories.  The vehicle’s use of the road network is restricted to club events or maintenance (Servicing within a short distance from their place of garaging or The inspection of the vehicle.)

Conditionally registered vehicles are issued with a registration certificate and label, a set of number plates and a Certificate of Approved Operations that outlines the conditions imposed on the vehicle when driven on a road or road related area. The Certificate of Approved Operations is required by law and must be carried in the vehicle at all times for enforcement purposes.

Vehicles registered under the Conditional Registration Scheme still need to display a registration label. For more information please see the following R.T.A webpage.containing Conditional Registration for your Motorcycle that you need to do:

Step 1: Become a paying member of the CCVMCC Club. For more info on how to join the CCVMCC please visit the Meetings Page

Step 2:Using the RTA webpage on the top right of your screen  obtain a copy of an Application for Conditional Registration and Historic Declaration Form  The path to the forms is Home> Roads> registration  Click on get a registration then click on historic vehicles. Both forms will appear on the centre of the screen.

Step 3: Get one of the CCVMCC approved Machine Inspectors to inspect your motorcycle and complete a Conditional-Registration-Vehicle-Inspection-Report that proves your motorcycle is roadworthy. A list of CCVMCC approved Machine Inspectors is listed in the monthly Missing Link magazine or the list can be provided to you upon joining the CCVMCC

Step 4;An approved CCVMCC Machine Inspector  signs the Verified sections . Make sure an approved CCVMCC Machine Inspector signs the Declaration and Vehicle Eligibility Sections.

Step 5: After all the three forms above have been completed, visit an R.T.A, for payment for the applicable fee. The fee includes an administration fee, number plate fee and CTP insurance. However, you should be aware that this insurance only covers you on roads or road-related areas (eg footpaths, nature strips, public driveways, public carparks etc), but not on private property.

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